Linux下的source insight -sourcenavigator编译安装




1, tar -zxvf sourcenav-5.2b2.tar.gz
Note: The following approach of making a new build directory instead of building the system comes from INSTALL.TXT. Actually you don’t need to make a new building dir at all.

2,mkdir ~/snbuild; cd ~/snbuild

3,../sourcenav-5.2b2/configure –prefix=/opt/sourcenav
As the same reason, the –prefix option is not needed at all, by default all binaries are installed into /usr or /usr/local.
report the following error in the processing:

checking if 64bit Sparc VIS support is requested… no
checking system version (for dynamic loading)… ./configure: line 6046: syntax error near unexpected token `)’
./configure: line 6046: `       OSF*)’
configure: error: ./configure failed for unix
configure: error: ./configure failed for tcl

4,fix bugs
fix this bug with patch sourcenav-tk-configure-single-quote.patch, you can get this patch from sourcenav-tk-configure-single-quote.patch

patch -p1 < sourcenav-tk-configure-single-quote.patch

try step 3 again! the problem disapears.

5, fix fwritable-string problem
you will get the information “fwritable-strings” error

find . -name “Makefile”|xargs grep -n “fwritable-strings”

./tix/unix/tk8.3/Makefile:51:TIX_CFLAGS = $(CFLAGS) -fwritable-strings
./libgui/src/Makefile:133:LIBGUI_CFLAGS = -fwritable-strings
./libgui/library/Makefile:73:LIBGUI_CFLAGS = -fwritable-strings
./libgui/Makefile:74:LIBGUI_CFLAGS = -fwrita

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